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Silver And Gold Ring With Amethyst | Nobility Bee Gold Purple Stone Ring

From $1,795.00

Gold Trenza Maltese Cross Pendant With Bee | Amethyst Cross

From $9,695.00

Amethyst Pendant | Gold And Silver Dancing Butterfly Amethyst Charm

From $545.00

Silver Amethyst Pendant | Trenza Sterling Silver Amethyst Pendant With Gold Bee

From $995.00

Amethyst Cross | Silver Gold Bee Trenza Amethyst Cross Pendant

From $1,795.00

Purple Butterfly Necklace | Gold Dancing Butterfly Sterling Silver Amethyst Necklace

From $845.00

Silver Amethyst Bracelet | Gold Bee Trenza Silver Bracelet With Amethyst

From $2,345.00

Amethyst Butterfly Ring | Gold And Silver Dancing Purple Butterfly Ring

From $695.00

Purple Butterfly Earrings | Silver Gold Dancing Amethyst Butterfly Earrings

From $995.00

Silver Amethyst Earrings | Trenza Gold Bee Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings

From $1,045.00

Amethyst Ring Sterling Silver | Large Trenza Ring with Gold Bee

From $895.00

Amethyst Ring In Silver | Medium Trenza Ring with Gold Bee

From $795.00

Emerald Cut Amethyst Herringbone Bracelet | Silver Trenza Noble Grand Cuff