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You are beautiful and confident.  You have a deep appreciation for design with meaning.  You want to feel inspired.  You realize that what you wear will set the tone for the day.  You are gracious.  The jewelry you wear is an expression of yourself.  You believe in serendipity.

Welcome to Saint by Sarah Jane!  25 years ago, I embarked on an adventure to create a truly unique nature inspired jewelry collection that would elevate women’s senses and make them smile, feel beautiful and inspired.  Today, my mission remains the same:  to share beautifully handcrafted collectible jewelry pieces that resonate with your life story.  My designs are influenced by nature, whimsy, friendship, love, a great story, anything positive and of course my customers.

My first taste of jewelry design was from my mother, who built a small jewelry business from scratch.  As a young girl, watching my mother diligently work on her pieces every night and hand deliver them to local boutiques (and eventually Saks Fifth Avenue) was quite impressionable.  I firmly believe that she steered the path for where I am today.

Saint is a bespoke line of exquisitely handcrafted collectible jewelry that conveys a message of love, friendship and sophisticated whimsy.  These signature jewelry pieces are intended for everyday wear - everywhere you go.  And don’t be surprised if you encounter many new friendships along the way.  The beauty of your Saint pieces is that they will not only inspire you, but everyone around you.  You will always feel beautiful when you wear Saint.

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 About Jewelry Designer Sarah Jane Bourque:

Designer Sarah Jane Bourque’s foundation is her unyielding commitment to excellence forged over 26 years as a professional designer.  

Sarah Jane educated herself at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design and Woodbury University art and design schools. Then, as an exclamation point, she finished her formal training with an apprenticeship focusing on haute couture in Paris, France.

Paris gave way to New York City and a multiyear position designing luxury handbags and other high-end items with renowned international jewelry designer Barry Kieselstein-Cord. However, Sarah Jane ultimately succumbed to an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for the desert Southwest: she made a literal leap of faith -- across the country to Arizona -- and created her own jewelry brand:  Saint by Sarah Jane®.

Saint quickly grew into a national brand carried at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's among many other stores for over a decade.

Saint’s decade eventually yielded to Sarah Jane’s next “project” -- starting a family.  Now that things have calmed down (sort of), Sarah Jane has returned to her love of jewelry design and is excited to be back at the helm of Saint in addition to her newest endeavor, Seneca Jewelry – which is a boutique collection of custom-made fine jewelry heirloom gemstone cuff bracelets.

Throughout the years, Sarah Jane’s designs have been featured in: People Magazine, Style, National JewelerJCK MagazineIn StoreHamptons, Southern Accents, VerandaSo ScottsdalePhoenix Home and Garden, Southern Lady, British Vogue, Elle, Country & Town House, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler Magazine, AZ Red Book, as well as House Of Coco.

What Makes Saint By Sarah Jane Special:

The Saint by Sarah Jane® Jewelry Collection is a bespoke line of nature inspired jewelry known for its intricate woven patterns and whimsical signature motifs such as bees, turtles, ladybugs, flowers and butterflies – to highlight a few.  For over a decade, Saint by Sarah Jane has shared a unique design style and philosophy based on story-telling that resonates with collectors from around the world.  In 1997, Sarah Jane launched Saint with Buzz (bee) famously known as a talisman for overcoming obstacles along with the gold Tuileries blossom symbolizing newfound friendships, laughter and growth which was inspired by her youth studies abroad in Paris.  Next came Lola (ladybug) for much needed good luck.  Then along came Sheldon (turtle):  an endearing reminder to slow down and enjoy life - inspired by Sarah Jane’s grandpa who said; “you only have so many heartbeats – how are you going to use them?”

These collectible jewelry pieces are sophisticatedly handcrafted in sterling silver, 18k gold, diamonds, pearls and authentic gemstones.  Most designs have registered copyrights and all jewelry pieces are made in the United States of America. 

The Precious Details:

Take pride in knowing that your piece of Saint by Sarah Jane Jewelry is made in the United States from start to finish and incorporates both modern and ancient jewelry making techniques.  The intricate process starts in Sarah Jane’s design loft in the desert, where she personally hand crafts drawings of each design, complete with measurements and notations (aka spec drawing).  Then, depending on the nature of the design, Sarah Jane works with either a traditional wax artist or uses modern technology to carve a 3-D wax model for each jewelry part.

Using traditional jewelry making methods, the waxes are then cast using the lost wax process. These first metal castings are called master models. Each master model casting is cleaned and stamped with the necessary hallmarks. Then, a rubber mold is made from each master model for reproduction purposes.  After making the rubber mold(s), liquid wax is carefully injected into the molds to replicate the original wax carving. These waxes are casted, cleaned, assembled, and finished by the hands of expert, locally sourced bench jewelers and metalsmiths. When using modern technology (which enables her to create pieces she could otherwise not), Sarah Jane starts with a 2-D hand drawing and from there a 3-D CAD image is created that is completely customizable for her clients.  All gemstones are individually set by the hands of a skilled gem setter. From start to finish, all designs are 100% made in America.